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Bullitt Poster

This is an interesting British double-crown poster. Printed on card stock, the poster features a brilliant double-bill of "Bullitt" (1968) & "Bonnie & Clyde" (1967) & dates c' 1969-71. As a re-release, the poster features pared down artwork but still adheres to the basic design of the original Quads (see Chantrell's style-B Quad below). As a nice touch, a row of "bullet-holes" decorates the poster just under the tag-line "They're Back Together".


This silk-screened poster was produced in very small quantities (probably for the ABC cinema chain) & is a genuinely scarce piece. Original UK "Bullitt" posters cost a small fortune so this is a relatively inexpensive option to acquire the title.


The poster remains in superb unfolded condition.

Price: £275.00

Film Category: Thriller / Gangster
Director: Peter Yates
Actor / Actresses: Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughan, Jacqueline Bisset
Poster Type: UK Double-Crown (20"x 30", 51cmx76cm)
Poster Artist: Chantrell
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1969
Reference: 58832

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