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Confessions of a Sexy Supervixen

A rare piece of original Quad poster artwork (17"x 24") for this Russ Meyer film. The artwork consists of photographic imagery & text/title credits pasted onto marked up artboard. There is a tracing paper overlay, upon which there are various annotations & printer instructions. The design was by Sam Peffer (he was paid £15) but the layout was executed by Nick Seaman (£40). Though the film was released in the USA in 1967, the artwork here is for a 1984 UK release with a tiny print run of only 250 silk-screened posters.


NB. Due to the size of this item, a supplementary P&P charge will be required.

Price: £275.00

Film Category: Sex
Director: Russ Meyer
Actor / Actresses: Alaina Capri, Karen Ceral, Megan Timothy
Poster Type: Original Artwork
Poster Artist: Seaman Nick
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1984
Reference: 58340

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