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Hunchback of Rome Poster

This is a scarce Quad title & beautifully illustrated by Fred Payne. Originally released as "Il Gobbo" in Italy in 1960, this was a wartime drama set in Rome. The film was well regarded & the kind of fare that independent distributors Gala often picked up for the UK market (this released in 1962).


Fred Payne was a freelance poster artist, particularly active in the 1960's. As a freelancer, Payne tended to work with the independents such as Gala, Miracle, Compton etc. He had a very distinctive style, as shown by the further 2 Quad examples below.


This poster remains in fantastic condition.

Price: £95.00

Film Category: War / Foreign
Director: Carlo Lizzani
Actor / Actresses: Gerard Blain, Anna Maria Ferrero, Bernard Blier
Poster Type: UK Quad (30" x 40", 76cm x 102cm)
Poster Artist: Fred Payne
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1962
Reference: 59023

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