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Nightmare On Elm Street

Graham Humphrey's finished artwork (16 1/2"x 22") commissioned for the 2016 German Horror Festival "Weekend of Hell" (this used for posters/t-shirts etc to advertise the event). This piece provides a splendid roll-call of our favourite murdering slashers including "Freddie Krueger" (from Nightmare On Elm Street 1984), "Jason" (Friday the 13th 1980), "Leatherface" (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974), "Michael Myers" (Halloween 1978), "Pinhead" (Hellraiser 1987) & "Jigsaw" (Saw 2004). Sold with the finished artwork will be Humphrey's original photographic concept reference as shown below.


The artwork consists of gouache on watercolour paper.


Please note this lot is sold without copyright, reproduction rights, licensing agreements or any other type of legal release.


Given the value of this item a supplementary P&P charge will be required. The artwork will be sent rolled in a large tube.

Price: £745.00

Film Category: Horror
Director: Wes Craven
Actor / Actresses: John Saxon, Johnny Depp, Robert Englund
Poster Type: Original Artwork
Poster Artist: Graham Humphreys
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1984
Reference: 59874

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