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Passion Hotel Poster

Quad poster for this 1975 West German sex comedy . Released in the UK as "Passion Hotel", the film was known in the USA as "Inn of 1000 Sins" (& in Germany as "Ein echter Hausfrauenfreund"). The film was based on the unlikely premise of a young man employed at a posh hotel whose job is to attend to the "needs" of an unending parade of female guests etc. Though, it is easy to be dismissive of such cinematic fare, a swathe of similar sex-comedies found favour in British cinemas during the 1970's as censorship rules were relaxed. Indeed, this film genre largely supported the UK cinema industry during the 1970's, though with the advent of video in the early 1980's, this phenomenon was quickly stymied.


After turning freelance in 1972, British poster artist Thomas William Chantrell was perfectly positioned to exploit the endless stream of sex films that Independent Producers were quick to offer to the British public. Chantrell's mischievious sense of humour & eye for the female form, helped too. Ever the commercial artist, Chantrell was never abashed about re-visiting old ideas & indeed on many an occasion he actually cut-up old pieces of artwork & pasted them into new creations. Though this has not taken place in the case of "Passion Hotel", one can see obvious similarities in Chantrell's work for the contemporary sex-comedy "Private Nurse". For more information, please see the official Chantrell website www.chantrellposter.com


The poster has been linen-backed & looks fabulous as can be seen (light fold-line wear only). Not a common title to find.

Price: £245.00

Film Category: Sex / Foreign
Director: Kurt Nachmann
Actor / Actresses: Peter Hamm, Margaret Rose Keil, Gisella Kraus
Poster Type: UK Quad (30" x 40", 76cm x 102cm)
Poster Artist: Chantrell
Condition: Excellent
Year: 1975
Reference: 58897

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